I've been collecting unreleased or private recordings of classic rock-blues shows for a few years. Most of these recordings I've got from one to one trades with other collectors from all around the world. My collection is mostly Clapton-related at this stage, but I collect also live recordings from Bob Dylan and Neil Young and other important artists of the rock genre.

I try to locate recordings from gigs I've seen in the past. Here's some shows I'd like to have: Clapton in Helsinki 1980, 1981 and on the Nothing But the Blues Tour at Stockholm's Globen 8.4.1995. These are also hard to find: Rory Gallagher in Helsinki mid 70's, Jack Bruce & Friends in Helsinki 28.05.1981, Springsteen in Göteborg 1985 and Sting in Helsinki 1988. It's quite certain, that most of these gigs were recorded by someone....

I don't sell any shows from my collection and I'm strictly against piracy or any kind of commercial distribution of private live recordings. Of course these shows are in no way comparable to officially released live albums: the sound quality is mostly inferior and cover art is usually "homemade". Live CDRs don't have any real collectability or value compared to rare official vinyl or CD records. The value is only personal. Some of these tapes have great music-historical content and some are just total rubbish to most listeners. Well, I think that's the case with many  official albums, too.

I think, that trading and listening to these recordings has, in fact, made collecting official releases from these artists more interesting. Eric Clapton is a very good example. He is at his best in concert. Clapton learned his profession through endless gigging in small blues and rock clubs of 60's England and he still shines as a guitar player during lengthy instrumental workouts, where his outstanding musicality and unsurpassed melodic imagination is at its best.